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Beggs Berryworld Strawberries

Our Strawberries are the best on the market. With superior taste, vibrant color, and juicy texture, you can't find a better strawberry anywhere. Our Strawberries are all homegrown locally, so you can trust that you're getting the freshest and most flavorful fruit. Whether you're using them in a fruit salad or topping off your favorite dessert, our Strawberries will make your dish stand out.

We are very  proud of the freshest strawberries found on our family farm. Many long hours and hard work go into growing the best strawberries in southeast Missouri. "You Pick Them" brings family and friends together to harvest their "favorite" strawberry discoveries for desserts and favorite recipes.


Hard work and long hours go into planting season and later the harvest of Beggs Berry World wonderful tasting and locally grown strawberries. Our customers drive hundreds of miles to buy and pick strawberries for the greatest taste to delight everyone!

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